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​Over the weeks in this course my confidence in the skills  C.1-C.5 has increased.  My biggest increases were in the areas of  Technology Application and Technology Infused Learning.  I think that I still need to grow more in both of those areas.  I don't think that application learning will nor should it ever stop as more things are being adapted or created to use.  I would also like to find some specific Professional Development classes on Technology Infused Learning within the Special Education classroom.  So often, we look specifically toward adaptive technology and not at how to go beyond our computer based classroom program for technology use.  

I think my biggest take away from this class is that we can use technology within our lessons.  We should be able to let our students create outcomes that can be used as projects reflective of their learning.  These projects can be used as our assessments instead of the pen and paper assessments that we have so hardily stuck to over the years.   Often when we create something it gives us a feeling of ownership and a sense of pride in our learning.  Thus we want to share it.  I want to have my students get excited about their learning and produce products that they want to share with others.  

One thought that has not changed is that teachers often do have a lot on their plates already.  Adding new programs for them to learn is stressful.  Even though those programs can be beneficial to student learning, it seems like another thing for teachers to juggle.  I don't really know the answer to this issue, but I promise you we are all trying our best!

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